Queen's GambleQueen’s Gamble by Erin Osborne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second book in this series. Oakleigh is preparing for her upcoming wedding to Zander, Hendrix and Kendrik. While the plans are beginning to take place, Oakleigh often feels alone. Zander, Hendrix and Kendrik are preparing to take over the family business and know once that is in place they will have more time to spend with Oakleigh. The problem is Oakleigh is still getting threats and doesn’t feel like she can burden the guys with it. The men though plan to protect Oakleigh at all costs and make sure she knows they always have her back.

A lot takes place in this story. I was surprised by a couple of the things that happened. In this book you really see Oakleigh grow, she becomes stronger and begins standing up for herself. Anxious to see if there are more books in this series.

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