Miss Trust (Miss, #4)Miss Trust by Aubrey Bondurant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Chance Maxwell makes a mistake where his brother is concerned, he knows he has to fix it and the way to do it is by getting Tory Larson a job. Tory is the sister to his brothers girl, she is a single mom with a child who is sick. Chance doesn’t expect Tory to fight him on the job offer, but she doesn’t want or need hand outs. It take some convincing before Tory agrees to help him but the job at times seems to good to be true. What happens when Chance and Tory act on the chemistry that continues to build between them though? A line is crossed but can Chance realize that Tory is just what he needs in his life or will he let the way he was raised stand in the way?

This was great, I had been looking forward to this one. The chemistry between Chance and Tory I think was the most sizzling out of the four books. I loved that Tory’s daughter was a huge part of the story and felt the way she handled her emotions over her daughter was amazing. Wonderful story.

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