Friday Favorites

Etsy came out with a gift guide for bookworms.  Too many fantastic choices to choose from.  Check it out bookworms

I belong to a game group so I am always up to trying new games.  This “What Do You MEME?”  Looks like a hoot.

Indian Chicken Burgers..these look so good adding to my menu soon.

New twist on sundaes, these sound delicious.   Grilled Pineapple Donut Sundaes

New Books This Week for Me

The Time In Between by Kristen Ashley

Collide by Megan O’Brien

Cockloft by K.C. Lynn

Jaxson by Alisa Woods

5 Star Review of the Week

For the Love of Beard (The Dixie Warden Rejects MC Book 7)For the Love of Beard by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tobias has been crushing hard on Audrey since he was sent to protect her. The threat to her is gone but his interest in her has not waned. The one thing he knows is that she needs to break out of the shell she is hiding behind, he knows she was assaulted and she has made strides but he plans to push her a bit along the way.

Audrey never thought she would be interested in a man again, but Tobias is growing on her. She feels safe with Tobias and the more time they spend with one another, Audrey realizes Tobias will let her set the pace with what is building between them. Can she find a happiness in a life that had been filled with ugliness.

This may be my favorite in this series to far. I loved Tobias, he is gruff but at the same time so sweet where Audrey is concerned. I found his background story fascinating and hope that all the brothers get a story. Audrey is a spitfire and I appreciated she was just her, she didn’t try to change who she was and when Tobias gets crabby does not back down. Wonderful read 5 bright stars.

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