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dontsayDon’t Say No

by Naomi Bellina



Mixing business with pleasure has never been so much fun.

Amber’s life sucks. Her ex got her thrown out of college, then fired from her job. When she’s hired for a mystery shopping assignment, she hopes this is exactly what she needs to kick-start her life and get her back on track.

Jaeger is all business when he hires Amber to check out the spa he’s purchasing. If she can help him prove that the venture will be a success, then he can build his own future, not the one his family has mapped out for him. Becoming attracted to his sexy spy isn’t part of the plan.

Amber can’t see how she fits into Jaeger’s world, and he’s too uptight to ever fit into hers. Circumstances bring them together, in bed and out, but when a secret from his upper-class life is revealed, Amber must decide if she can trust him. Or is her life going down in flames all over again?





Her phone rang, and she moaned. What the hell was the matter with that man?

“What? I’m tired. Leave me alone.”

“Just talk to me for a minute. What did you find out?” he asked.

“I found out doing laundry all day sucks and makes you want to come home and lie on your bed in your underwear. Oh, something else startling. Nobody likes to work for a living. Ha-ha!”

There was a moment of silence.

“Are you okay?” Jaeger asked.

She sighed. “I’m fine, just really tired. The good news—no one talked too much trash about the spa, but they don’t like Carla and they’re not really happy. Not having a lot of fun at work.”

“That’s why they call it work. It’s not supposed to be fun.”

“It could be. It should be. Why not? I bet the clients would enjoy their visits more if the spa girls were happier. The employees would get bigger tips, which would encourage them to work harder. Everyone’s just kind of doing their job, not putting any love into it, you know?”

Jaeger laughed softly, a warm, sexy sound that slid through her senses like water flowing in a stream. A pang of desire shot through her, and her nipples tightened.

“So that’s what they should be doing, putting love into the job?”

“Yeah, they should. Are you making fun of me?”

“No, not at all. In fact, I kind of like that expression.”


Building a relationship when opposites attract

I had big fun getting my hero and heroine together, Jaeger and Amber, in Don’t Say No. They’re such opposites. Her plan; go to college, learn how to run her own business, travel, have fun. His plan; make Bella Sun spa profitable, prove to his family he can handle responsibility, work hard. When the two meet, there’s an initial physical and sexual attraction, but beyond that, they both see something in the other person that calls to them. They want to connect, but each have good reasons to run in the opposite direction.

The trick with having opposites attract in a book, the storyline has to be believable. You can’t have two people who don’t like each other just magically fall in love and ride off into the sunset. Sure, there has to be conflict and a reason why they don’t date, if they’re so attracted to the other person, but at some point, they need to find a way to connect. As a writer, I have to find that balance between obstacles keeping them apart and situations bringing them together. I need a plausible series of events so my readers can easily follow along, and even though they know the book is fiction, could see the story happening in real life.

Working with characters this age, I got to play around with a few different scenarios, ones some of my older characters don’t normally engage in. One of my favs is when Amber and her ex-boyfriend get together for a chat in his car. He still excites her, on a physical level, but she’s so pissed at him, she doesn’t entirely give him what he wants. She gets to exercise her power and stay in control, another reason I like this scene so much. Especially since in the first chapter, when she and the ex meet, she totally loses control. We get to see a glimpse of her being practical and thinking with her head, not just her heart, which is one reason this wild girl and the logical Jaeger end up coming together.

Thank you for having me here today. I hope you and your readers enjoy Don’t Say No.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I love spas! Even as an employee at several, I’ve always enjoyed the relaxing, dontauthpampering atmosphere in a place that’s designed to be all about feeling good. This book is a work of fiction and most of the craziness that went on at Bella Sun doesn’t really happen at spas. Mostly. I like to think there’s always a romance or two going on behind the scenes. I’ve also been a mystery shopper, though I never received spa treatments on any of my assignments. Some girls have all the luck!

I hope this book encouraged you to not only search for your own true love, but to follow your dreams, no matter how many setbacks you encounter.

Website: http://www.naomibellina.com/

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