Jasper Vale (The Edens, #4)Jasper Vale by Devney Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eloise Eden made one mistake, a mistake that she did not even realized was a mistake but in doing so has made her parents hesitant to take over the Eloise Inn as owner. She relentlessly has done everything possible to prove she is ready but it has not happened yet. While in Vegas with her sister though a drunken night leads to marriage with Jasper Vale. Everything she has been doing to prove she is responsible just went down the drain and the quickest way to remedy is getting an annulment.

Jasper cant believe he married Eloise, she definitely has peaked his interest but as a wife – no plans to stay married. That is until his past comes back and he lets the cat out of the bag that they are married. Now they are pretending to be a happily married couple but it has an end date. What will happen though when they both become the center of each others world?

It took a bit to warm up to Jasper because he is a pretty intense quiet man. I liked this one quite a bit, I was not sure how the story would unfold. This is such a great series, never fails to disappoint.

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