The Favor (Ghosttown Riders, #1)The Favor by Amelia Shea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cheyenne Willcox stops for a biker who is injured and finds an envelope one with a finger. She does not realize at the time she has gotten involved in something she shouldn’t but she did not have the heart not to sit with the biker who was dying. That said Derrick “Trax” Traxon is trying to figure out if she has the envelope. He doesn’t expect to get hooked on the Cheyenne. He knows he should stay away but she draws him in and he vows to protect her while trying to figure out who killed his brother in the MC.

What a way to start a series. This was phenomenal. I really liked Cheyenne and Trax together. I read Ghosttown East series first and then picked this one up. Each book is so different from the other ones and the characters are amazing.

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