Yours Until DawnYours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gabriel Fairchild went from a man who had everything to a bitter man who lost his sight. He has no need for help and his growly personality has pushed everyone away. That is until a nurse named Samantha Wickersham shows up and despite his best attempts to send her on her merry way, she pushes back. Even though Gabriel would never admit it, he finds his interactions with Samantha stimulating and begins to want the woman who is quickly stealing his heart. All is not as it appears to be so what happens when the truth comes out?

This was hilarious. Samantha is stubborn and she uses her wits to push back at every turn. It is a bit of a cat and mouse at times between the characters figuring out each others motives at thwarting each other. Wonderful read.

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