Stunner (Whiskey Dolls #3)Stunner by Jessica Prince
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Left at the altar, Asher Rose decides to live it up in a bar full of bikers. It’s not that she was jilted at the altar, she doesn’t regret that at all, it’s the way it was done. Drowning her sorrows seems like a great plan but when Owen Shields shows up to make sure she is safe, she is stunned. Owen her ex-fiancées best friend hates her, or does he?

Owen wanted Asher the first time he saw her but he was waiting for the right moment to ask her out, the problem was his friend jumped on it. Owen loses his chance but in his own way he keeps close tabs on her, he knows his friend is not the right man for her and its only a matter of time before that is proven. Can he capture Asher’s heart or will she want nothing to do with him?

This was terrific. Asher is a breath of fresh air and her Mom is a hoot. Owen’s family was hilarious as well. Had some really funny laugh out loud moments. This is a great series, each book is different and all the characters thus far are characters you want to know more about.

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