Good Thing GoneGood Thing Gone by Bijou Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tuesday Mercer thrives on drama, her latest not well thought out plan has her following a biker to Florida. She wants out and is just waiting for her biker Pa-Emmett to send one of her brothers to rescue her. What she gets instead is Burke “Bullet Train’ Sabian, a former prison friend of her Pa’s walking in and driving her home with his daughter Roxie. Tuesday is entranced from the beginning with Bullet, she wants him and he tries to resist. They come up with a loose agreement but for Tuesday she knows Bullet is her one and only.

Bullet cannot deny he feels something for Tuesday, but his life has been solitary until his daughter. Tj=hey live a nomadic life, traveling, and taking jobs as an assassin. Can Bullet give that up, the thought of settling in one place makes him unsure. Throw in Tuesday and how she confuses him with her feelings, he is not sure. The only thing that is becoming apparent is he can’t let her go.

This was another great one by this author. Tuesday is drama escalated, if you read Poppy’s book in the first generation, Tuesday exceeds the drama. I really enjoyed how Tuesday and Roxie got a long. The changes in Bullet are fascinating to read. If you are a fan of this author you definitely will enjoy this one.

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