Raven's ClimbRaven’s Climb by Tiffany Casper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michelle thought she had it all, she had the love of her life Cam and had picked something special for him for his birthday. Though when she saw him he had another woman in his lamp and spouted vile words at her. Fleeing she ended up having her life shift in a way that she barely survived from. Now seven years later she is a nurse she ends up facing Cam again, he wants forgiveness and a second chance while Michelle wants him to leave her alone. Cam is determined though to win Michelle’s trust back, will he succeed.

There is a lot to this story, I think this series just keeps getting better. I felt for Michelle and appreciated the fact that she doesn’t give in and forgive right away. Her daughter is absolutely adorable. Cam was great but you want to smack him a bit in the beginning.

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