Clearwater's MiracleClearwater’s Miracle by Tiffany Casper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In high school Cooper stepped in when Miriam was being bullied, he became her protector and he knew then and there she was the one for him. Then one day she was simply gone, her family left without a word and Cooper moved on. When Miriam moves back in town, she is ready to see if the chemistry with Cooper is still there, however when she shows up a the MC it is not with welcome arms. When Cooper sees her again though he wants answers. Finding out that she had written him and he never knew ticks him off, he wants to see what they can be now that they have a fresh start. Does Miriam want the same?

I enjoyed this one, a bit heart breaking for Miriam initially because she had her reasons and was trying to protect Cooper. Each story in this series keeps getting better.

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