Shakedown (Souls Chapel Revenants MC, #8)Shakedown by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Belle Pena is a matter of fact outspoken woman, which is one of the reasons why her dates seem to fail at a tremendous rate. A dating app has her rejecting one man who if she went on her instincts she would have accepted the date, instead she rejects it. However, fate has other plans in mind as she ends up stood up with her newest date and sees the man she rejected anyway.

Bruno can’t stop looking at Belle, but he has enough swirling around him to act on it. Bruno is a bit of a loner but when he ends up hurt it is Belle who is by his side. Bruno and Belle are thrown together and there is no sense denying the attraction between them. That being said can they remain safe enough to see where it goes?

There are so many surprises that happen in this book I didn’t want to delve to far in. Loved Belle, she has intrigued me for awhile and she is everything I hoped and more. Bruno is a terrific character who makes a lot of sacrifices for those he cares about. Terrific.

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