Renegade's Choice (Satan's Anarchy MC #4)Renegade’s Choice by Erin Osborne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

John ‘Renegade’ Jackson is the President of the Satan’s Anarchy MC, he sees Natasha and he is interested but life handed him a curve ball with finding out his ex-girlfriend who disappeared on him gave him a daughter. Thirteen years later he is trying to find his way being a Dad to a teenage girl who the more he gets to know, realizes has had a tougher life then he had wanted. The first sign of some normalcy in his new family though is Kora getting close to Natasha. Renegade realizes he need Natasha by his side as much as kora, but what happens when danger is looming?

Great story, one of the best so far. I liked Renegade a lot, he is temperamental and I thought the way he deals with all the hurdles in his life are intriguing. Natasha is terrific, and really enjoyed Kora.

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