Grinder's Impasse (Blazing Outlaws MC, #5)Grinder’s Impasse by Erin Osborne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jesse “Grinder” Williams is the Enforcer of the Blazing Outlaws MC, he has always had women but never formed an attachment to any of them but when he sees Charisma Jones he knows she is the one he will make his Ol’ Lady. However when Grinder realizes who Charisma is he knows he is going to make a difficult choice where she and the club is concerned.

Charisma was raised in a world of secrets, she loves her mother but after years of caring her and seeing her wither away from cancer, she wants some answers. When she finds out the truth she is torn on what it all means. Though when she needs support the most she finds Grinder inserting himself into her life, he becomes her rock but she doesn’t realize the the rules of the club and what that means for the an she is quickly falling in love with.

Wonderful story, I thought this one was a bit more complex as it delves into some of the rules of the club. Grinder is fascinating and I was pulled in by his complete dedication to his club and then to Charisma. This book pulled me into this series.

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