Luke (Texas Kings MC, Book 15)Luke by Cee Bowerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Luke returned home to be embraced by his brothers in the Texas Kings MC, as well as going into business owning a gym with his brother. He knows his past has damaged him and he still has PTSD he is dealing with, knowing this he knows he will never settle down with a woman. That all changes when Liberty Merida enters his gym, it is a meeting he will never forget and not in a good way. He wants Liberty, but she is young and he is not the right man for her. However Liberty sees it differently and friends quickly become lovers. Now he sees a future with the woman he loves but what happens when others around them seem to doubt what they have?

This was a surprise and had a plot twist I did not see coming and as a fan of all of this authors book I have to say it brought a realism to the story which I could easily see happen. Liberty is terrific, I have been a fan of hers since she was introduced. Luke is a gentle giant and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him fall for Liberty. Fantastic story.

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