Spiral of Need (The Mercury Pack, #1)Spiral of Need by Suzanne Wright
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Derren Hudson is a Beta of the Mercury Pack, whose only loyalty is to his Pack. He doesn’t get close to most and is somewhat of a loner. When an old acquaintance contacts Derren for a favor he balks, his acquaintance wants him to go get Ally Marshall a shifter from another pack, but what has him hesitating is she is a Seer. Derren hates Seer’s, if it wasn’t for his former pack Seer his life wouldn’t have been torn apart and betrayed. Derren believes that all Seer’s are liars out to craft whatever tale for self serving reasons.

Ally is not happy with her pack, her old boyfriend found his mate and while she is truly happy for him his new mate is doing her best to getting her shunned. Ally doesn’t have time to deal with her and her latest ambush to put Ally in a negative standing with the pack has her wondering what to do. She doesn’t expect Derren to show up to take her to another pack for protection until her closest friend can come protect her. Ally realizes she is going to be hated by the Mercury Pack, they have had issues with another Seer. The problem is Ally is not one to create drama, if she sees something she is honest about what she sees.

Derren is drawn to Ally, she confuses him with how she acts and when an action has Ally protecting his pack, Derren realizes she can be trusted. Someone is targeting his pack and it seems Ally, can he protect her while exploring why he is so drawn to her?

Amazing, should have picked this up so much sooner. I thought this was wonderful, loved the characters and the way the story had me guessing how the story would unfold. The one terrific thing about this authors books is they are always different and filled with characters who are unique. Terrific.

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