No Rep (Madd CrossFit Book 1)No Rep by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taos has always been a silent partner to his best friends gym Madd CrossFit. When he is asked to coach a class, he is not a happy camper but when he sees Fran he is intrigued. Fran is the reason for this particular class and she has a horrific past that has kept her living in a shell for the past couple of years but with her sisters help Fran is hoping this helps her gain more of her old self back.

Taos knows that Fran is something special and wants more time with her but as a former Detective he has been asked to help with a serial killer case that seems to be ramping up. Taos is dividing his time between Fran and the case but the more time he spends with Fran the more he knows she is his future. Can Fran find a new beginning letting go of the past with Taos or will a threat tear them apart.

I was not sure how this series would go because I don’t know a lot about Cross Fit but it was explained thoroughly through the book and you are rooting for Fran as she begins her journey. There is a lot to this story and the chemistry between Taos and Fran was fantastic. Loved all the characters and cannot wait for the next book.

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