Smoke's Tigress (Dublin Falls' Archangel's Warriors MC Book 10)Smoke’s Tigress by Ciara St. James
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Smoke meets Everly when she strides in and helps with an investigation his club is doing, but as part of the Dublin Falls Archangel MC Smoke doesn’t trust easily. He quickly realizes Everly is the Dark Chameleon, a computer genius who know one knows the identity too.

When they get a call for an asset needing help, he never expected it to be Everly. The group she works for believes her identity has been blown and needs a place for her to lie low. Problem is Smoke is torn between wanting her and not trusting her. He quickly realizes she is his game changer, but convincing her is another matter. She agrees to give him a shot but when he goes all alpha male on her he realizes Everly is just as strong as him but he is going to also handle her with care as she has triggers and can easily slip out of his hands forever.

There is a lot more to the story and a few new characters introduced. I really enjoyed this one, I thought Everly was a fascinating character and when Smoke makes a mistake he has to work to get her trust back but first he has to get her to talk to him. Great story.

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