Wallflower: A Small Town Romance (Redemption Book 5)Wallflower: A Small Town Romance by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gavin “Stone” Hendrix knew that Willow Thorne had a huge crush on him, he also knew he would never go there. Willow is shy, blushes easily and is not a one night stand type of gal and Stone knows that he will never be in a long term relationship with any women after his upbringing.

Willow has a huge crush on Stone but she also has a lot going on with her life and her ailing father. She has been picking up the slack for her sisters and not putting herself first, after a moment that has her realizing nothing will change if she doesn’t she gets help from her new friends.

Stone doesn’t know what has hit him but he is fighting himself where Willow is concerned and knows he needs to make a decision, but could he be too late?

Loved every moment of this book. Willow is a fantastic character and I thought Stone was like a brick wall who is struggling with memories from his past and denying himself a future. Love this series, every book has been spectacularly different.

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