Mason: A Ride Series CrossoverMason: A Ride Series Crossover by Megan O’Brien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mason Jackson meets Ellie Mitchell at a party, the thing about the party is tough that it is at a famous football players house and Ellie could think of several other things she would rather be doing then partying. Mason is entranced by Ellie though and wants to get to know her better, she sees him as Mason not the football star that he is. However Ellie is in danger and Mason gets his family involved to keep her safe, will they be able to?

Having read everyone of this talented authors book Mason is one of the kids from the previous books. I loved every moment of this book, plus you get some of your favorite characters paying a visit in this book. Mason oozes alpha male, I thought his character was fascinating and I really enjoyed Ellie as his girl. Wonderful story.

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