Atlas & Addie: Rojo, TX Book 2Atlas & Addie: Rojo, TX Book 2 by Cee Bowerman
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Atlas had a near death experience that has him contemplating where he is in his life, single and living with a friend. Then he meets his new neighbor Addie and is intrigued. Something about Addie pulls him in right away, but Addie has a brother who she cares for that Atlas knows is a game changer for what he is building with with Addie. Fortunately he has a family where he is used to unique personalities and Addies brother Warren, will fit right in. What happens though when Adde finds out Atlas has a secret he has been keeping?

Loved this, Warren was awesome and it brings two other series together in this one. It also gives you a glimpse into one character that has intrigued me since reading about her and her sisters. Another wonderful story from this author.

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