Royal (Conner Brothers Construction Book 5)Royal by Cee Bowerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paula is busy focusing on her daughter and her family when she gets dragged out to a bachelor auction and sees Royal Conner on stage. She met him briefly and thought he was the most gorgeous man she had ever met but never thought she would see him again. Deciding she needs one night of fun she intends to win him but life happens and her big win gets pushed off for awhile.

Royal has sworn off women for a year because he seems to find the craziest women he can find. When he gets called to go on his date he is reluctant because he saw the winners and he is not sure which Golden Girl he won, but when he finds out it is Paula he is thrilled. He wants Paula for more then one night and has a plan to insert himself into her life but Paula is a woman who is used to being in control can she begin to share the load?

Paula’s family is hilarious reminded me of Golden Girls meets Sunset Boulevard meets Designing Women, they are so much fun and hope they have moments in future books because it is hilarious. Royal was wonderful and determined when it comes to Paula. Paula is used to being in control and it is hard for her to give up some of that control she keeps close to her chest. This was one of those books you pick up and finish in one sitting.

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