Blaze's SpitfireBlaze’s Spitfire by Ciara St. James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blaze returns to the Archangels Warriors and is not expecting to find the girl of his dreams, but he does and he mucks it up from the get go. Blaze has been burned before by a woman working in the auto shop and although Teagan is everything he wants in a woman, he doesn’t trust her. Quickly realizing he has read Teagan all wrong, he makes his move. The problem is though that while Blaze is ready to commit to Teagan he doesn’t exude I am a one woman man at all times and for some reason someone is after Teagan and no one can figure out why. Will Blaze be able to keep her safe?

I liked this but the story does have some sexual moments that are not in my comfort zone so distracted me a bit from the overall story. I thought the beginning of this was terrific, was really surprised about Teagan’s brother and how that part of the story unfolded. Anxious to see who is next up in this series.

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