Soul of my Soul (Take a Chance, #1)Soul of my Soul by Lisa Helen Gray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The moment Lily Carter was brought into the Carter family she was treated like glass. Adopted by Maverick and Teagan and raised as there own, but the short life she led before that leaves her broken at times and triggers have a way of not being able to control even though she is careful about her environment.

Jaxon Hayes has always seen Lily and has held a crush on her, but she has always been untouchable. One night though changes everything and Jaxon decides that he is tired of denying his feelings for Lily and wants a shot with Lily, she is his game changer. The problem is that the Carter’s and Hayes are enemies and their love for one another is forbidden. They plan on bringing everyone into the fold but want some time to explore what they have, what happens though when the family finds out. Will it tear Lily’s family apart or make them stronger?

So I made the mistake, unbeknownst to me to read Maddox before Soul of my Soul. Lily and Jaxon story is a big plot point in Maddox book but you don’t know how or why they got together. This book fills you in and was an emotional read. Lily is stronger then what she is given credit for in previous books. Jaxon sees that with Lily and he treats her like gold but he also knows she has a back bone. Wonderful story, was better then what I expected given I had a glimpse previously into their story.

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