Faith (A Next Generation Carter Brother #1)Faith by Lisa Helen Gray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Faith is the daughter of Maverick and Teagan, the one thing to know about being a Carter kid is they are protective. Not just her Dad, her Uncles. Which is one of the reasons why Faith at twenty-five is a virgin with no potential boyfriend in sight. She gets talked into trying online dating, which turns out to be an utter disaster ending with a night with her apartment broken into. Then she meets her new neighbor Beau, she forms a friendship and Faith wonders if Beau is the one. As Beau and Faith begin they have a person threatening Faith’s life not to mention her family trying to keep Beau away. Can Faith have it all with Beau?

This was terrific. There is one scene in the book that I could not stop laughing. This series is addictive and I read through the first 5 within 5 days, they were that good. Faith is wonderful, she is sweet yet sassy. I thought the way the first generation of Carter’s get portrayed was spot on, Max is nuts like usual. Wonderful beginning to series.

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