Safe (Conquering, #1)Safe by Ryan Michele
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sadie had been abused for years by her ex and finally shook him loose, at least it was what she thought but it as a false sense of freedom until he struck again. Sadie had been making excuses and hiding what happened from her family but her Mother recognizes the signs and wants Sadie protected.

Sadie ends up moving to Williamsfield, Georgia to star anew. With a few rules in place to keep her location hidden. Sadie struggles to find some normalcy in the small town where everyone knows about you and wants answers to what brought her to their town. She meets Landon who is friends with her cousin. There is an instant connection but Sadie doesn’t want to be involved with man again.

Landon has his own reasons for not getting involved with another woman again. He doesn’t mind one and done tumbles, but commitment he vowed never to happen again. When he meets Sadie though he wants to get to know her, spend time with her get close to her. Landon decides he wants Sadie but he realizes he has to earn her trust first, but will the reason she left come back to haunt her?

I liked this story but the book has a few things that don’t make sense or get wrapped up in the story. I thought the chemistry was terrific between Landon and Sadie, liked how there story unfolded. Will check out more in this series as I am curious about some of the other characters introduced in the book.

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