Ryan (Mallick Brothers #2)Ryan by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ryan wasn’t looking to settle down, he is a busy man who is wrapped up in his various jobs both legal and illegal. Ryan knows his neighbor is an agoraphobic but he has never gotten a glimpse of her until one night he does, he is stunned by what a beauty she is. He is curious about his neighbor, Dusty and wants to get to know her better but he is not sure how that is going to happen until he finds her getting beating in her apartment.

Dusty has found a way to live life in her apartment, she has not been outside in years. Although she has been working with a therapist she feels like her progress is minute. When she finds herself in trouble, Ryan sweeps in. She feels safe with Ryan and when Ryan says he wants to see where they go in a relationship sense, she is wanting to try but can she move past staying inside the walls she has kept herself protected in?

There is so much to this story that unfolds. I found this a page turner and was fascinated by Dusty. I liked the fact that her mental illness is a big focus in the story and does not magically go away. Ryan is so patient with her and he understands her. Wonderful and unique story.

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