CockloftCockloft by K.C. Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Firefighter Gabriel Martinez gets called to a fire only to find a woman going through her closet looking at purses while the building is on fire. CeCe Kensington has a reason for finding one purse in particular, but Gabe makes a snap judgement that CeCe is a spoiled princess and even though he is attracted to her knows she is too uppity for him. You can’t always judge a person by first impression. Gabe ends up finding CeCe is so different then what he thought and they begin to date, the only problem is that Gabe has a chip on his shoulder about his father who left him, what happens when he is faced with the same issues while with CeCe.

I liked the beginning and the build up of this story. The climax was a bit harsh but then it worked out to the HEA I was expecting. Good chemistry and the meeting between Gabe and CeCe is hilarious. I thought this was a fun read.

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