Love Forever (Texas Knights MC, #4)Love Forever by Cee Bowerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah had been hiding when she meets Jace Duke. Sarah was hiding behind her wigs but she thought Jace saw past that and that he saw Sarah for who she was, she couldn’t have been more wrong. When she and Jace finally get together, he walks out on her. They stay apart until Jace is hurt and Sarah is not sure if she will get a chance to fix the damage that was caused. Can these two people who are meant to be together build the trust they need to have a relationship?

I had been waiting for this one since Sarah was introduced. I always wanted to read Jace’s book because his personality is larger than life. I liked this one but it was not what I imagined for this couple. Good story about second chances, all the favorites make appearances and I am definitely eager to read Kari’s book.

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