Frosting Her Christmas CookiesFrosting Her Christmas Cookies by Alina Jacobs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Morticia DiRizzo is an artist trying to get accepted into a prestigious internship but in the mean time she needs money to get by. When she is asked to fill in as a contestant on a bachelor bake off cooking show she figures she will get voted out right away and have a chunk of change in her hand. Morticia though is wrong and Jonathan Frost interest in her is peaked.

Jonathan knows Morticia doesn’t want to be there, he also knows she doesn’t like him one bit. The surly woman has a gift though she cooks like a dream. Jonathan really doesn’t want to be with any of the woman on the show but he is trying to promote his Hillrock West Distillery. Everything about Morticia draws Jonathan in and when she uses her artistic flair to help advertise his Distillery he knows he needs her to gain a property he has been working diligently to get. What Jonathan doesn’t know is that Morticia is fighting her feelings for him while using him for an art project. Can two complete opposites find happiness with one another?

There is so much more to this story that I don’t want to spoil for readers. I was laughing through out, Morticia is a dark woman with a snappish tongue and she is blunt to core. Jonathan is a playboy who is wanting to get Morticia in his bed all the while trying to feign interest in the other contestants. Excellent holiday tale filled with food, humor and romance.

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