Christmas of White (The Bright Series, Book 3)Christmas of White by K.D. Elizabeth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teacher Julia Elton knows she should not cross a line with driving her student Cole Hayes home, but she has tried relentlessly to get ahold of his father and is concerned. Its the start of winter and close to Christmas break and the air is crisp, the problem is that Cole has no coat to wear. Julia shows up with Cole in tow to go face to face with Buck Hayes, the father.

Buck always puts his son first, when he finds out that Cole has been bullied, he wants answers. Julia is a distraction though and he baseless claims about his parenting are not warranted. Buck quickly realizes that Julia’s heart was in the right place and that Cole needs to learn how to deal with bullies. When he seeks Julia out again he realizes she has no one to lean on and is in need of some care As they get close though old wounds are hard to let go, can Buck and Julia trust one another to build something together or is it doomed to fail.

This was entertaining. I thought the chemistry was there between the couple right away. A bit angsty but overall a delightful holiday romance.

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