Men of Honor: Eric (Men of Honor, #2)Men of Honor: Eric by Jordan Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eric became a single dad when his son was seven, and continued earning his own way and never questioned his dedication to his son and his work. Now he is rich beyond words and has found a woman who he knows he can trust to be by his side and love him as he is. He has found that in Justine who is a single mom to a teenage daughter. What he doesn’t need is an ex who has decided she is interested in hi and his son again or Justine’s ex making trouble. Eric decides to put an end to the trouble makers while he focuses on keeping his family together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I enjoyed Eric and his no nonsense ways. He is definitely the man of the house and I loved the secondary storyline that happens in the book. Another terrific read from this author.

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