Crazy Beautiful (Redemption, #2)Crazy Beautiful by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jase Hyland needs a wife to get take over his disgraced Father’s company. Jase can only think of one woman who fits what he needs. He needs just a friend, no romantic entanglement, no crossing the lines and Poppy Weston is who comes to mind. Poppy is struggling with her Redbud Inn, this was her dream but the repairs that are needed are quickly making the Inn into a a potential failure. When Jase proposes they help each other out for one year, she agrees. The only problem is they have to pretend in public they are together and those lines get crossed. Can they find a happily ever after or is their an expiration date on their pretend marriage.

I am not sure why I waited on this one but should have picked it up sooner. I loved this one, each book in this series has been amazing and you only want more. Poppy is such a wonderful character and you are rooting for her and Jase to get together. You also begin to see a side of Jase that was not introduced in the first book. Amazing characters and story.

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