This week I went with Chaat Masala Nuts from Food 52, this is a flavorful dish that you can just savor a little bit at a time. I went with nuts because I was thinking of the main character in the Spitfire series, Arianna, she is certifiable nuts. She has a penchant for mob bosses and driving her love interest Shane up the wall. I read this series years ago but when I am looking for something fun with a little bit of spice I reread this series.

The Spitfire Series: Books 1-3 (The Spitfire #1-3)The Spitfire Series: Books 1-3 by Jordan Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shane Flanagan has been questioning his sanity the minute he met Arianna “Mouth” Rossi. She has been a pain in his side with her continual references to the mafia and his resemblance to them and the antics she has put him through with her job, apartment, and overall anything associated with her. Through it all though Shane realizes she is meant to be his, now he has to find a way to tame the mouth.

Hilariously entertaining. Shane is mafia and there are things he doesn’t know about Arianna. Normally someone going head to head with him would be shaking in their boots, but not Arianna, she doesn’t even flinch. Some laugh out loud moments make for a delightful read

Lady Boss
Shane has gone about making Arianna “mouth” his, in every way possible. However he didn’t realize she was the daughter of a mob boss in Chicago. He can overlook that, but Arianna has a tendency to take things into her hands when she feels threatened. His little firecracker needs to learn who really is the boss.

Loved this one, it has an unexpected twist that I had not expected. Love how Shane tries to reign Mouth in.

Beautiful Assassin
As Shane continues to try and reign in Arianna, he is finding his wife to be has a listening problem. Not only that she has a flair for killing people, his beautiful woman is a full blooded assassin. Like a strategic chess game, Shane has to use his wits to get Arianna to let him take care of her and their now baby to be. However she was crazy before she was pregnant, now he is not sure what to do with her.

Love, love, love this series. Anxiously waiting the next.

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