Until Nox (Happily Ever Alpha Kindle Worlds; Hyde #3)Until Nox by Layla Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Listened to this on audiobook and this one is phenomenal, such a good book only enhanced by a terrific narrator. Augusta “Gus” Allan is out to prove she can do what no one in her hometown believed she could, succeed. She is attending MIT and now moving in with her boyfriend, well not really boyfriend by choice but she figures she can figure that out later. Later comes sooner than expected though when she knocks on the door of her new apartment only to find said boyfriend spent the night with another woman. What she didn’t expect was to find Killian Nox in the hallway chuckling at her antics and offering her a place to stay while he is out of town and having her pet sit for him.

Gus shouldn’t be attracted to Killian but she is, she wants him badly. They find a way to live together and even though there is a lot to Killian she doesn’t know she knows in her heart of hearts she can trust him. When push comes to shove though will Killian let her in on the secrets he keeps and will she still be by his side after

Loved this, what a way to kick off Happily Ever Alpha series with this one. I was entranced and giddy all in one. Loved Nox he is pure alpha and the story melded seamlessly with the other Until books. Loved it.

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