Safe Rider (A Lost Saxons Novel, #2)Safe Rider by Jessica Ames
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Liv new that if she didn’t get out of her marriage it would end up killing her, her husband had become increasingly more unstable and her family was of no help. When a woman makes her an offer to get her safely located elsewhere, she takes her up on it and begins a new life in Kingsley. Liv doesn’t expect to ever get another relationship but her biker neighbor Dean interests her, but it blows up in her face initially when he thinks she is repulsed by him. It changes quickly though when Dean figures out he had pegged her wrong and Dean and Liv strike up a friendship of sorts. Dean though wants more but he knows she is holding some secrets and vows to be patient and let her set the pace. Can Liv find love and what happens when her past comes back?

This was great, I thought the pacing was perfect in this one and I liked the fact that Dean although intense was so sweet with Liv. Dean is intense but quickly fell for him and his club. Need to go back and read the first book and the rest of this series.

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