A common theme in several of Lani Lynn Vale books is El Torros, a Mexican restaurant that is a frequent hotspot for family get togethers. In My Bad Hoax is trying to get Pru to go out with him and ends up having dinner with her family. Lets just say the aftermath is one scene that had me laughing my butt off. I made this celery-spiked guacamole with chiles, saw it on Bon Appetit and it reminded me of this scene from My Bad. This is one of the best guacamole’s I have tried, creamy and flavorful. Who would have thought celery would be the secret ingredient. If you have not tried her books they are so good, each one is different from the next and always has a hint of humor.

My Bad (Bear Bottom Guardians MC, #4)My Bad by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hoax knows something is wrong with his lower region area and decides he needs to be checked out. At the hospital he sees Pru and decides maybe she is the solution to his problem. When he asks her out though she says no. Not one to mess with fate Hoax decides the second time he meets her that she is worth the effort and finds ways to insert himself into her life.

Pru doesn’t date anyone in the military. She has been burned too many times and doesn’t want another repeat. However, the more she spends time with Hoax, the more she wants him by her side. What will happen though when he gets called back to work? Will they be able to navigate a long distance relationship?

This book had one of the best beginnings I have read. Hilarious. Pru is quirky and I thought the way she avoids acknowledging certain things was hilarious. Loved Hoax he is a big teddy bear and you never doubt how dedicated he is to Pru. All the family makes an appearance in this one.

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