Sometimes when I cook I have fails, even before the Nailed it show on TV I toyed with blogging about my fails, because some I just don’t know where I went wrong. One of my biggest blunders was a banana cream pie I made for a family cookoff and forgot to bake the crust, but in fairness to me the recipe didn’t say to back it. That being said I rarely make the same recipe twice, I am always trying new recipes. I have made honey pie before and it was a success so sharing that recipe in lieu of the recipe I tried to make for this book because I did not have a picture of the successful honey pie I made before.

There is a memorable moment in Charming the Prince that gets me every tie I read this book. Willow marries Lord Banner by proxy, he sends his most loyal soldier to acquire an ugly wife to raise his horrible children with a motherly love. What he doesn’t expect is the beauty that arrives and he sets his horrible children on her to drive her away. In the battle of wife vs children there is a huge incident that involves honey. It was one that made me laugh as well as made me cry but it is a turning point in this delightful story. I thought Honey Pie would be a perfect compliment to this book. If you have never had Honey Pie before, try it hands down one of the best pies out there.

Charming the Prince (Once Upon A Time, #1)Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lord Bannor the Bold is feared throughout the lands, even a whisper of his name has others quivering in their boots, his virility is legendary, his talent with the sword is unmatched, but his children terrify the living daylights out of him. With their knack for conjuring up trouble, Bannor needs a wife with a gentle hand who will treat them as her own and teach them the manners they need desperately. His once condition, make sure she is homely, for Bannor never wants to be tempted to have children again.

Willow, once had a dream, when she found out she had a new mama on the way, she celebrated and couldn’t wait to embrace her in a hug. Her dream was abruptly halted when her stepmother treated her no differently than a maid and handed over the raising of her bratty children. When a steward arrives with the offering to take Willow as the bride for his Lord, he believes he has found the gentle, robust, and homely bride his Lord has asked for. That quickly changes when he gets a closer look and finds a raven haired beauty with a grace he has never seen before, his Lord is going to kill him.

Bannor is not happy, he wanted a wife who would not tempt him, he has one who tempts him in everyway imaginable. What to do…of course, have his evil spawn children have their way until she begs to leave the castle. The battle has been drawn, although Willow won’t back down and finds some unexpected allies along the way. Bannor can’t recall being this entertained ever, but the one thing he wants is Willow’s surrender.

Wonderful read, I loved the whole aspect of this story. Bannor the bold, ends up Bannor the flustered where Willow is concerned. Highly entertaining.

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