I enjoyed this series by Brittany Crowley. The first book is my favorite but the rest are just as good. I know my review on #4 is not the highest rating but worth reading. I think for me I was just surprised by the 4th book because all the characters are showcased in each book and it was different then the rest in series.

This series is filled with laugh out loud moments, kooky characters and surprising twists. Savannah’s Dad particularly is a hoot. Definitely worth checking out if you like sports romance.

Caged (Bound by Cage, #1)Caged by Brittany Crowley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Savannah is going nuts with all the construction for a gym next door, it is slowing her business at the bar she owns with her best friend. Deciding to take matters into her own hands she tries to meet with the owner but is out of luck since he is not there, but she does leave him a note.

Zander sees Savannah once in a wacky way and he knows she is different than the other women he has been with. Zander is a MMA fighter known as “The Hitman” who is ramping up to his next bout for the title, he really doesn’t need the distraction but he knows Savannah is worth taking the chance. However, her ex is still trying to win her back but Zander does not plan on letting her go.

Loved this, I thought it was really funny and can’t wait to read next in series. All the characters are fun in this and the story had some really funny laugh out loud moments. Definitely one to reread again.

View all my reviews Rampage (Bound by Cage #2)Rampage by Brittany Crowley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ashlyn believed all the words Josh told her about building a future together, she gave him everything she had to offer only to have him walk away. Now pregnant, she knows she needs to tell Josh but she is still smarting over the reason he left.

Josh knows he screwed up, he believed he was doing the right thing only to have it blow up in his face. He wants Ashlyn back but once he finds she is pregnant he is even more determined to win her back. Can Ashlyn trust Josh again and what happens when a threat she didn’t see coming turns up and threatens to ruin everything?

This was fantastic. I wanted to kick Josh initially but he redeems himself and understand why he did what he did. Ashlyn was a favorite from the first book, she is a strong woman and I admired her strength. Great series, no cheating.

View all my reviews Chaos (Bound by Cage #3)Chaos by Brittany Crowley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Georgie was sheltered her whole life in a cult, she escaped once but didn’t get much chance for freedom until she was rescued again. Now trying to find her path in life, Georgie’s naivety has put her in a bad situation.

Jayden has rules where women are concerned and it is mainly one and done, no attachments, and certainly no idea of a relationship in the future. Georgie though has Jay confused, he wants to keep her but isn’t sure how to go about it. When he steps in to save her though he gets a chance on trying to build something with Georgie.

Pretty funny book. Jay is completely clueless on dating and it leads to some really hilarious moments. Liked Georgie she was interesting and you could see how she got herself in the situation she is in. Great read, very fun series.

View all my reviews Reckless (Bound by Cage, #4)Reckless by Brittany Crowley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kyle Cage is at the height of his career, he can have any woman he wants and he parties like a man with no qualms of who he hurts in the process. He knows he has been distant from his family but he doesn’t need their judgement. When he returns home, though, he finds the girl he loved once, Sophie and she has a secret she has been holding close: his son. Kyle wants to be part of his sons life and Sophie’s and he knows he has a long way to prove himself. Can Sophie give him another chance?

This one was a bit disappointing, I was very surprised by Kyle’s behavior. You’ve gotten to know him in the previous three books, and while he does redeem himself, it still takes a while to warm up to him. Not sure if this is the end of the series, although I’d liked to read more.

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