When I am reading one of my must haves is coffee. Everyday I pick a different coffee mug that matches my mood for the day. I am always on the look out for new mugs and found a few that may catch peoples eye.

This one from UtopiaLife Studio reminds me of sci fi or fantasy books. I love the colors on this one. Reminds me of a moon.

For the books with angst or characters a little wacky this unicorn mug from Amidestellu says it all. I have many mornings I could have used this mug as a warning to all in my path.

Horror book fit perfectly with this Frankenstein from mandymade13 mug. I like that this mug looks deep so you don’t have to refill all that often.


For the romance readers this about sums it up. This mug from fuglybarbie embodies all things romance. Reminds me a bit of the coffee scene in airplane with Linda Blair.

With every good mystery you need a good mug that says it all. I get swept in and am busy trying to figure out who did it. This mug from cozymystery is perfect for your coffee with reading.