I tend to gravitate towards books that have food in them. I like reading what the characters are cooking and often get a little inspiration on something to make for my meal plan for the week. If you want to make your reading into a pairing, try to pair a book with a recipe. Here is my recommendation for this week. Post yours if you want to participate.

This week I chose The Bourbon King by JR Ward. This book is about Tulane Baldwin who walked away from his families legacy as one of the predominant Bourbon makers in the world. This story is sultry and the story between Lane and Lizzy is gripping. Although this recipe does not have a specific tie to a moment in the story, the recipe does have Bourbon and I could easily see these served at the event that is being held in the book. I made these my nieces graduation party and they were a hit. These cookies have a slight crunch because of the cornmeal but are tender and bursting with flavor. They are a savory take on cookies and the bourbon jam is fantastic. We had left over jam and used it on cream cheese and crackers. These Cheesy Thumbprint Cookies with Bourbon Tomato Jam are from a recipe I found on The Flavor Blender.

The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings, #1)The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tulane “Lane” Baldwin left Charlemont, Kentucky without a second glance after he lost the only woman he loved Lizzie King. Lane is the first one to say he made mistakes in his past but the reason for his split with Lizzie was one he made before they got together. Hearing that the woman who basically raised him, Aurora has fallen ill he finds his way back. Lizzie is still working for his families estate and he decides to go after what he wants, Lizzie. However there is a lot of treachery going on from his powerful father and Lane finds himself unraveling each part of it and finding himself on the cusp of losing everything that matters to him.

There is so much to this story, you have the Lane and Lizzie angle. You have the family dynamic specifically Lane’s brother Edward who I was completely fascinated with. His sister Jen who is just a hot mess. All the characters are intriguing and this is a page turner. Excellent read.

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