Noah and KateNoah and Kate by Anita Claire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Noah Harris has returned home with his son to start a new life. He decides to attend his twenty year high school reunion running into Kate Moore. Kate was never a fan of his when he was in school, after she finds his son playing with hers it is quite clear she still feels the same.

Kate doesn’t know what to make of Noah, his reputation in high school was a bit of a bad boy but now her son and his are on the soccer team together and they want to hang out. Noah decides to try and get to know Kate but she is weary. However the more they get to know one another the more you see walls coming down and a blossoming relationship begins to bloom.

Initially I was not sure I would like this one as Kate had a big chip on her shoulder where Noah was concerned and until she begins to soften a bit you don’t see the chemistry. Aside from that Kate was a strong female character who is inspiring. As the story begins to hit it’s stride you are rooting for Noah and Kate. I liked Noah,he is a good dad who is trying to do his best. I thought overall this story had a lot of charm to it and liked that both characters were single parents doing their best. Entertaining story that is heartfelt.

Author provided a copy of Noah and Kate for honest review.

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