Knee DeepKnee Deep by Karol Ann Hoeffner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Camille is on the verge of turning sixteen in New Orleans. She is a young girl coming into her own with a huge crush on her next door neighbor Antwone who doesn’t share the same feelings. Camille makes some choices on how to get Antwone to see her but what she doesn’t plan for is the hurricane that will change the course of her, her friends and her families life forever. This story takes place during the beginning of Hurricane Katrina and what happens after.

Riveting story, I thought the authors way of describing Camille and her feelings was spot on for her age. At times the story is tragic and haunting, other times there is hope. I found Camille to be a fascinating character and the way she begins to notice subtle things on how people see her and others is profound. Moving story and I felt like it captured the spirit of New Orleans perfectly.

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