You know when you find a book you pick up, read and then want to reread again. Each book in the series is better then the first, this is that series. On that note I will say #1+2 are the same couple. I am not always a fan of cliff hanger books but this was an exception for me. The books have everything look for in a romance-chemistry, heartbreak, and solid characters you want to know more about. Side note – Finn is not listed as part of the Surrendering series but he is a principal character in the books so I added it to the list below.

Surrendering (Surrender, #1)Surrendering by Ahren Sanders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ravenel Hayes is working to get her MBA and for the first time in her life is ready to let loose and just live her life as a college girl. Raven is a good girl who knows to have fun but also knows how to stay away from players. When she literally bumps into Declan Collins the first time she has him pegged, especially once he opens his mouth.

Rising rock star Declan can’t believe the girl he hit on and was shot down is his sisters new roommate. Declan is not a relationship type of guy, but something about Raven has him wanting to try. Declan finds the more he spends time with Raven the more he knows she is the one. When Declan’s band begins to take off he makes a choice that could destroy everything he and Raven are building.

This is a two part book. Declan is pure alpha and he has a jealous streak when it comes to Raven. Raven is a lot of fun, she can be feisty, fun, lovable, and determined. I thought this was a fantastic read, they go through growing pains as a new couple and anxious to see how it all unfolds.

View all my reviews Surviving (Surrender, #2)Surviving by Ahren Sanders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Surviving leaves off where Surrender ended. I don’t want to delve in too much into where Raven Hayes and Declan Collins are in their relationship but Declan has no plans of letting Raven get away, she is his everything. I thought this as a fantastic follow up. Has a few surprises along the way. This series is a bit of a time investment but well worth it.

View all my reviews Salvation (Surrender, #3)Salvation by Ahren Sanders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Robbie Hayes tried to stay away from Ember Walker, at first he thought she was just another random chick but after getting to know her a bit he realized she was shy and sweet. When he decides to see if there is really something there with Ember he finds that there is a lot more to Ember than he could have possibly imagined. Her past has molded the woman she is today, to Robbie she is an inspiration and deserves his protection. Everything is going better than either anticipated until Ember’s past catches up to her and threatens to ruin everything.

Beautiful story. Robbie puts Ember first, her needs and wants are at the forefront of what he does on a daily basis. Ember is blossoming as their relationship progresses and you feel like a part of the family. Couldn’t put down. Can’t wait for more.

View all my reviews FinnFinn by Ahren Sanders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Presley Chambers lives in a safe place. Her life has not been about taking risks, but finding a calm, no surprise lifestyle that she surrounds with her brother, father, and niece. When she meets Finn Black, that is what she sees, risk, desire, and putting her trust into the unknown. Presley is not sure she can be that girl though.

Finn though he loved once, but it was nothing like what he feels with Presley. He knows she is fragile, he knows he needs to take his time to get her to trust him. Finn will give Presley everything if she is willing to take a chance on him. Boundaries are pushed in more than one way though risking everything, can they hold on to the storm that is about to come?

I have been anxiously waiting for Finn’s story. It did not disappoint. I liked Presley and understood her reasoning for being hesitant. There was one part of the story I was stunned by, if you have read the series I think you would agree. Not going to point it out but it had a very real life situation I could easily see unfold. This is a powerful couple, I think Finn is probably the most alpha so far in this series.

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