This is one of my reread go to series. It started with Gunner and each book has a different feel to it and the characters are terrific. If you like MC stories that have humor and animal sidekicks, this is one to pick up. As of right now there are only 4 books in the series but I am sure there are more to come.

Gunner (The Devil's Angels MC #1)Gunner by Lola Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ava Beaumont has a past that she keeps safely guarded and to herself. When her crazy neighbor makes waves and calls the cops on her because of her dog Loki, she ends up receiving help from Gunner, the President of the Devil’s Angels MC. Gunner is a one and done type of man, he has enough responsibility with his club to form any attachment to a woman let alone get himself an Ol lady but one look at Ava he knows he wants her.

Ava isn’t sure she can trust Gunner but he claims he wants to try a relationship with her. Will the biker who is set in his ways be able to be trusted? Ava quickly finds herself becoming part of the MC life but a threat is out there she thought was in her past and Gunner is determined to keep her safe. Will he be able to?

Wonderful read. This author was recently recommended to me and she did not disappoint. Loved Ava, she is a terrific heroine who has risen when she could have easily failed. Gunner is pure alpha male and the others in the club are fascinating. Loved the animals in this story, they bring a lot of humor to it. Excellent read.

View all my reviews Axel (The Devil's Angels MC #2)Axel by Lola Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bailey works as an accountant and believes she is helping her boss when she uncovers something sinister. Confronting him about it puts Bailey in danger and into the path of of Devils Angel MC and their VP Axel. Axel realizes quick that Bailey needs protection and he goes about protecting her but he also realizes he wants to sleep with her but Bailey is not a one night stand type of gal. Axel was not looking for long term but he quickly realizes Bailey is his for the long haul, now he just needs to find the man intent on doing her harm.

This was great had some really funny moments in it. I liked Bailey, she is an intriguing character, her mom is a hot mess and was curious how that part of the story would unfold. Unexpected treat, looking forward to more in this series.

View all my reviews Pooh (The Devil's Angels MC #3)Pooh by Lola Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pippa learned a tough lesson when she was in college which is why she opened a home for domestic violence victims. She takes a lot of pride in her work and when the Devil’s Angels MC donates to her cause she meets Pooh. Pooh has made his interest known but Pippa is not one to give a man a chance with old memories still haunting her. Pooh wants Pippa to give him a shot but when she is put in danger, Pooh is there by her side proving he is a man worthy of being by her side.

This was another great read from Lola Wright. Very different from the first two books but still had the same hint of humor I have come to expect from her. Loved Pooh, liked seeing his character evolve and Pippa was a terrific match. Also had a big surprise for another character which I was happy to read about.

View all my reviews Vex (The Devil's Angels MC #4)Vex by Lola Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vex is a man who never planned on having a woman by his side, he is always upfront with the women he sleeps with they have their fun for the few hours they spend together and there are no repeats. When Taja begins working at the strip joint owned by the Devils Angels MC she catches the eye of Vex, but he is quickly warned off and a bit thrown off by her lack of interest in him.

Taja knows to stay away from bikers, her father is the president of a club that moved out of town years ago and they were the scum of the earth. Taja put her life on hold in order to care for her mother and help raise her sister. When her mother passes, her father reenters her life and not for anything good. She has enough on her plate without fighting the attraction to Vex and she knows from the rumors about him he is not one for relationships. The attraction though is intense and when one moment leads to another what will happen when it becomes something they cant resist.

I was torn on this one, it is a definite tearjerker and had me thinking quite a bit ab out it after I had finished it. Vex was everything and more then I expected. I loved Taja and especially her sister, she is a hoot. I could not put this book down, #2 in the series for me with Gunner story the first in my favorite list. Excellent.

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