Never Say Never (Reapers MC: Shasta Chapter, #3)Never Say Never by Bijou Hunter
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Shelby Campbell is a woman secure with being herself, but the one thing she has never had interest in is men. That is until she sees Dean “Goliath” Midkiff and the instant she does she realizes she has a libido that works. Problem is that Goliath doesn’t seem to be interested in her.

Goliath had two long term relationships in his life and when he was sent away to prison he vowed never again. Quick hookups were going to be his path for the future. When Shelby shows up wanting to seduce Goliath he thinks she is a spoiled rich girl who wants to take a walk on the wild side. He is willing to sleep with her sure, but nothing more which has Shelby balking. What Goliath doesn’t know though is that Shelby has a plan to win his heart but Goliath is not sure he wants his heart won. Throw in a serial killer Shelby is trying to figure out who in town it is and you have the making for a wild ride.

I thought this was fantastic. The whole series is phenomenal but this one completely surprised me. I wasn’t sure about Shelby in the other books because she was kind of the kooky ghost believing sidekick but she owns this book. Goliath is a jerk, hands down but as you get to know the back story to his character it is completely understandable. Shed a couple tears and had a few surprises along the way.

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