I tend to gravitate towards books that have food in them. I like reading what the characters are cooking and often get a little inspiration on something to make for my meal plan for the week. 

This week I picked Until Harmony which is one of my favorite books in the Until Her/Him series. In this book we have Harmony who is sweet as can be and Harlen who is pure alpha male who has been biding his time getting close to Harmony. Where Harmony is concerned though Harlen puts her on a pedestal and gives her a different side to his blunt exterior. In one of the best scenes in the book Harmony’s mother Sophie shows up at her house in the morning and Harlen is there. Harlen makes them waffles for breakfast and wins over Sophie. I have sampled quite a few waffles in my day but this is the best one I have had.

Waffle recipe can be found on A Zesty Bite

Until Harmony (Until Her, #4)Until Harmony by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Harmony Mayson is moving back home. After finishing college and getting a job at the hospital, Harmony is able to be back with her family. Harmony is a planner, she plans everything and she also has a crush on Harlan MacCabe, she is not expecting him to be interested in her but that doesn’t stop her from letting him befriend her.

Harlan has been waiting for Harmony to return home, now he gets the chance he has been waiting for to pursue her. Only problem is Harmony appears to be clueless about his feelings for her. When a moment of carefree impulse takes over Harmony and she lets Harlan know she is interested it doesn’t go quite as planned. Harlan is not backing down where Harmony is concerned, even though Harmony’s father, Nico, is intent on keeping him away from his daughter.

There is a lot more to the story but I just detailed a few of the highlights. Loved Harmony, she is the type of person that tries to have everything neatly planned out and sometimes life doesn’t let you do that. Harlan oozed alpha male, he is so protective of Harmony and patient as well. Couldn’t get enough of this couple and it only got better as Nico came into the picture. Nico is one of my favorite characters in the Until series and he did not disappoint. Can’t wait for what is next.

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