Omens (The Dark in You, #6)Omens by Suzanne Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Keenan is a man who has to be in complete control, his childhood left scars that even though he has pushed through all the obstacles in his way they still haunt him. Keenan is fascinated by Khloe, he doesn’t want to be but everything about her entices him and his demon. They want Khloe, but Keenan is fighting against the urge to be with her because he knows she has the potential to destroy him if it went bad.

Khloe doesn’t want Keenan, well she does but he drinks a lot and she believes him to be an alcoholic. A wager is made and Khloe believes Keenan will succumb to drinking but she doesn’t realize Keenan could care less of having a drink. Khloe and Keenan ignite with one another but will Keenan be able to walk away when Khloe is put in danger?

I was so anxious for this book. Absolutely loved every minute and this one made me shed a few tears. Keenan and Khloe are a fascinating couple and I loved how Keenan embraces everything Khloe, he doesn’t try to tame her which is wonderful. Keenan was better then I expected, I thought he was broody but when he opens up to Khloe …WOWZA. Amazing read, everything I wanted and more.

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