Corrupt (Civil Corruption, #1)Corrupt by Jessica Prince
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gwen has been struggling, her life has not been an easy road and her best friend thinks that crashing a party for the band Civil Corruption is just what they need to breathe easy for awhile. Gwen quickly realizes the party is not for her and seeks a quiet place where she meets Garrett Wilder. She has no idea who Garrett is or that he is part of the band and thinks they connect until later that morning she realizes she was just another one night stand to him. Gwen ends up pregnant and although she highly doubts Garrett wants to be a father, she lets him know.

A few years later Garrett decides he wants to be more then a Dad in passing and has a plan to get Gwen and Liddy to live with him. However, Gwen has had years of being treated like crap by Garrett and his band, not to mention his handlers. She doesn’t trust him and Garrett is less then forthcoming about how he feels about Gwen. Can opposites find a way to work together or will Gwen’s built up insecurities and pride be standing in their way.

So I was mixed on this one, hence why it took awhile to write the review. Overall I liked the story but Garrett is such a jerk for over half of it, it took sometime to soften to him. A bit more angsty then the authors other books.

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