Lemon Raspberry Bars

I tend to gravitate towards books that have food in them. I like reading what the characters are cooking and often get a little inspiration on something to make for my meal plan for the week. I decided to add this new feature on the blog on Fridays. This week focusing on my reread of the week Waiting For Forever where Danika makes Lemon Raspberry Bars and teaches Leo Drake’s daughter, Macie how to make them. When i looked up a recipe for this there were so many options not sure I hit the right one but these were delicious. If you are looking to try something new this week this is a fun way to read a book and have a treat with it.

The recipe can be found on Neighbor Food Blog.


Waiting for Forever (Hope Valley Book 8)Waiting for Forever by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Danika had crushed on Leo Drake since she was a kid, he never really looked her way because he was involved with the popular girl in school and Danika was the gawky nerdy girl who was a target for bullying by said popular girl. Years later Danika is the proud owner of muffin top bakery and has found herself and has caught the eye of Leo Drake.

After a disastrous marriage, Leo is done with his ex. The only good thing out of his marriage is his two kids who he loves to pieces. He has been trying to ask Danika out for awhile but for reasons unknown to him she doesn’t seem interested. However once he realizes she had no clue he makes his interest known, but he wants to keep their new found relationship quiet until he figures out where they are heading. An ex who wont give up is determined to ruin what they are building, the question is will Leo let it?

This was fantastic. It is one of those books you finish and then want to restart because you were so swept away. I loved the characters in this one and wanted more. Leo is pure alpha male and I loved the way he was with Danika. Danika is that girl you can relate to from high school, it made me reminisce. Excellent read.

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